Pluckemin History 

The Presbyterian Church at Pluckemin is located in the small /files/Photos/facility/church front view.jpgvillage of Pluckemin, which is part of Bedminster Township in the hills of Somerset County.

The beginnings of the church in the Pluckemin area go back to about 1720, when early settlers started to arrive from Holland, Ireland, Scotland, and Germany. The area was then known as Raritan in the Hills. An early log church was erected on the mountainside about a mile and a quarter east of the present site, but usually it was more convenient for the people to meet in each other's homes. In 1758, the first church was built on the present site in Pluckemin village. This church was a stone structure, called St. Paul's and barely survived through the American Revolution, which brought raids of British troops and Washington's Army to the area.

By 1850, the population had grown to sufficient size to warrant formal approval from the Presbytery of Elizabethtown to form a local Presbyterian Church. The year 1851 is the official date the cornerstone was laid, /files/Photos/facility/Corner stone.jpgand by 1856 the church membership was up to nearly 140 people. The present building is located within 70 yards of the original site, on the same street.   Membership is currently about 400.