Mission Trips

  "Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field"   Matthew 9:38 

Putting our faith into action is a strong conviction at Pluckemin Presbyterian Church. Serving in our own backyard and beyond through prayer, volunteers and financial support we encourage and aid the missions listed below.

Financial support for Pluckemin Presbyterian Church's mission trips is always needed.
If you would like to help, you may send a donation to:

Pluckemin Presbyterian Church
P.O. Box 402
Pluckemin, NJ 07978

In the memo line, please designate: "donation for mission trips."
Thank your for your support...blessings!






Our trips usually occur in the odd number years
(2009,11,13,15 etc.) 
The Ecuador trip works through Hogar de Christo (Home of Christ) in Guayaquil, an agency that has been working to build safe, clean, and quality homes from local materials since 1971. Participants pay their own travel expenses and raise additional funds for materials for home construction. In the past this group has raised forty to ninety thousand dollars for home building and family support.  Click here to see more pictures of the Ecuador Trip.



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No Experience Required! Pluckemin Church has organized several mission trips to Mexico.The group worked through Amor Ministries, an agency that has built more than 10,000 homes. Amor works to build safe clean homes, relying upon local pastors to select the families who receive the new homes. Participants pay their own way, and raise additional money for the home building effort. This is an amazing time of fellowship, and renewal. No trips to Mexico are planned at the current time but if you wish to be alerted for the next trip, please contact Heidi Kelleher via e-mail or call 908-658-3346.


In recent years the Pluckemin Church youth trips have been part of the Group Work Camp program. Group Work Camp has had more than 210,000 volunteer workers in the last 25 years. Group works with local churches, communities and volunteers to identify people in need. These are often people with illnesses or the elderly who have difficulty maintaining their homes.

A typical work camp will have 300 to 400 youth and adult leaders housed in a local school for a week. Youth groups from 20 to 30 churches and from different states and different Christian denominations stay together. Participants sleep in the classrooms in sleeping bags and have morning and evening meals in the school cafeteria. Each day crews composed of an adult and 5 youths go to an assigned work site where they may paint a house, repair a porch or build a wheelchair ramp. In addition, they have devotions at the work site, typically with the homeowner.

In the evening, youth oriented Christian programs are held in the gym and youth groups hold their own devotions.
  Pluckemin Church youth have been on mission trips to Virginia, upstate New York, North Carolina, Maine and New Hampshire.


Trips occur multiple times throughout the year, contact the church office for trip information 908-658-3346                                   

Our first trip to Mississippi in 2005 was through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) which has been providing assistance through volunteer work all over the world for many years.  Our aid came in the form of cleaning moldy walls, rugs, insulation and furniture out of homes. (this is referred to as "mucking"), sheet rocking homes that had been cleaned out, helping in the Point of Distribution (POD, where food, clothing and other supplies were donated to the locals), building sheds and assisting at the Red Cross Food Bank. Work continues and the spectrum has changed from what was needed so many years ago. One of the most important tools used on this mission trip is your ears...to sit and honestly listen to the stories that our neighbors in the south have to tell us about their ordeals.  They are good, honest, loving people whose lives were suddenly dependent on the mercy of their fellow Americans.  Mission trips to Katrina affected areas are ongoing. If you would like to organize a trip or know of another area church hosting a trip please contact the church office at 908-658-3346. 


The Fort Defiance Presbyterian Church (FDPC), in Fort Defiance, Arizona is a Navajo reservation church and one of the missions supported by the PPC. The link between Fort Defiance and the PPC was established many years ago via a Sunday school project.  The history of the Presbyterian Church on the reservation dates back more than 100 years, and most towns on the reservation have a Presbyterian church.

The Navajo reservation, the largest reservation in the US, suffers from severe poverty and the social problems associated with such poverty.  Navajo reservation unemployment typically is between 50% and 70%, even in better economic times. The Great Depression's unemployment was only 25% by comparison. About 40% of Navajos still do not have running water, and the churches with showers open their doors early on Sunday mornings so that members with no water can shower before church.

Pluckemin sent a contingent of 14 volunteers in 2007 to replace the shingles on an 8000 square foot roof on the Ft. Defiance church.  Working with some of the Navajos from early morning until dusk, the Pluckemin group finished the roof with a tremendous sense of accomplishment. 

We have an annual trip to continue our mission work with our brothers and sisters in Fort Defiance Arizona.
  It could not have been done without the generous financial support of Pluckemin members and the faith that the funds could be raised.