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Pluckemin Church has a vibrant youth program called XL. XL creates a time and place where middle and high school youth can come and escape the pressures of being a teen in today’s society, learn about God and one another, and have some fun… a place to feel safe.

Supported by staff and a host of dedicated volunteers we make this a place the youth want to be on Sundays! 

You Need a Permission Slip!

Print it, fill it in, and bring it along. Not sure if you need it? Just do it...it's cheap, easy and fun. Please contact Bob Stewart at bob@ppch.org to have one emailed to you, or click here to download and print!


Sunday Mornings
High school youth, come join us Sunday mornings at 9:00 am in the library to share fellowship, faith, and fun with a great group of friends.  We provide breakfast, a relaxed atmosphere, and an open forum to talk about anything that's on your mind.  See you there!

Middle school youth gather for fellowship and fun educational experiences in the Upper Room at 9:00 am as well.  Join us!

XL Youth Group
A weekly meeting on Sunday evenings 6:00-8:00 pm for youth grades 7-12. Together we enjoy fellowship, games and a program. We rarely do the same thing twice, but you can always count on fun!

Confirmation Class
Offered every-other school year (beginning fall of even years), the Confirmation Class is intended to prepare our youth to take on the responsibility of becoming full, active members of the congregation. The confirmation class explores Christ and his Church in further depth and draws everything they've (hopefully) learned through our Children and Youth Ministries together.  The class focuses on the many facets of Christ, our own spiritual gifts, and the roles God has called us to play in the Church. We meet Sunday evenings from 5:00-6:30 pm and is primarily aimed toward 8th and 9th graders, though anyone older is more than welcomed to participate!

We encourage the youth at Pluckemin Church to be involved in missions. Early on our children are involved in local missions like the food bank. Our high school Youth mission trips have been part of the Group Work Camp program. Group Work Camp has had more than 210,000 volunteer workers in the last 25 years. Group works with local churches, communities and volunteers to identify people in need. These are often people with illnesses or the elderly who have difficulty maintaining their homes.

Each day crews composed of an adult and 5 youths go to an assigned work site where they may paint a house, repair a porch or build a wheelchair ramp. In addition, they have devotions at the work site, typically with the homeowner.

In the evening, youth-oriented Christian programs are held in the gym and youth groups hold their own devotions.
In the past, PPC youth have traveled to Virginia, upstate New York, North Carolina, Maine and New Hampshire. 

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